Pre-Rev. E HBP Wire Bracket Upgrade

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Pre-Rev. E HBP Wire Bracket Upgrade

Post by KaiborgStudios » Mon Apr 30, 2018 2:49 am

I've used so many of you guys' amazing mods, figured I'd finally contribute :D

I recently picked up an older used Dual M2. The Z motor was unfortunately failing, and I decided while I'm at it I'd just upgrade everything to Rev. E.

I was not feeling the exposed HBP wires, especially after reading how many users have had them catch and break. I decided to go about replicating the aluminum harness on the Rev. E machines!

- 2x M4 x 18mm flat head
- 2x Locking M4 nuts
- ESUN ePC filament
- 4mm drill bit and a countersink bit
- 3/8in Split loom wire cover
- Zip ties

Print the bracket itself
MakerGear M2 HBP Wire Support.stl
Print solid in ePC!
(26.74 KiB) Downloaded 36 times

Drill and countersink the two M4 screws left of center to help clean HBP wires. Holes are 20mm apart from center, and both are aproximately 5.5mm from the edge.


Route HBP wires up the right side and run loom over the top. Zip tie to other wires behind electronics enclosure.


Remove connectors, solder and heat shrink wires. For reference, HBP and thermistor have no polarity!


Pull a small amount of the loom through the printed bracket, and bolt into place!


Hope this helps someone!

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Re: Pre-Rev. E HBP Wire Bracket Upgrade

Post by insta » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:50 am

I stuck a Keenovo 250W/24v heater directly to the underside of a MIC6 plate, and I'm using your bracket to strain-relief the corregated tubing. Hopefully it goes well :)
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