Bed Glass hold downs

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Bed Glass hold downs

Post by airscapes » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:54 pm

This is an old mod I found posted in a link about this same subject. I added thumb wheels to the M3 screws and next time I have a .5 nozzle installed I will try and print the dovetail piece in NingaFlex to give good grip without much tension. These turned out really nice using a .25 nozzle and Taulman 910 alloy! 910 is really nice stuff, just wish the diameter consistence was a LOT better.. Otherwise my new favorite filament!

Here are he bed clamps, thanks Mrcleanr6!
Here are the knobs, I dropped them below the build plate by 3mm to make them thinner
adjustable bed cornner2.jpg
Did install the .5 nozzle to print the dovetails in NF. Was a little to bouncy and had to go even tighter than the solid.. so ended up using the NF in tha back 2 corners and the 910 in the front this give good control with some flex as the gas expands when at ABS bed temps. Will have to see how the NF holds up.
wedges half ninjaflex.jpg
Update.. Should have run the bed through the paces .. back knobs HIT the frame.. replaces with M3 12. Does not matter once set I don't plan on moving the back setting as the glass will lift out once the front are loosened slightly.
back knobs removed.jpg

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