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M2 Rev D Z motor upgrade

Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 4:51 pm
by bratan
Hi guys,
I have M2 Rev. D with silver Z motor. I wanted to upgrade to black one with finer pitch leadscrew...
I was reading this thread and this guide that mention that silver motor can be upgraded with black one without any modifications to the frame...
The mounting for the new black motor has changed to three axial-concentric mounting bolts that do not align with the four frame holes for the silver motor. However the new motor will mount identically to the old motor (reusing the old bolts) without any machining of the frame.
But when I contacted support they told me:
The black Z motor is not compatible with your current frame.
The mounting screw holes would be out of location requiring
you to manually modify the frame to receive the new Z motor.
So I'm a bit confused, is it possible without drilling frame or not? :) Has anyone actually did it and can confirm?