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four point upgrade

Posted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 5:58 am
by Robert76
I decided to upgrade my rev d M2 to rev e. by going to the 4 point upgrade to improve the ease of leveling. My christmas present to myself. Unfortunately I have run across a snag. When I removed the heating plate, the heater pad appears to have a factory defect in that a large area is not fastened to the plate. Not sure what to do about that. Is there anywhere to repair this? Perhaps inject some kind of glue under the bubble and place a weight on it? Any ideas, or has anyone had a similar problem? I would like to add a picture, but can't figure out how.

Re: four point upgrade

Posted: Sat Dec 21, 2019 12:53 am
by airscapes
I am guessing you could remove it without damaging it , it could be glued back on with hit temp RTV. A new plate is $60 so that may be a better option, yours is probably not what it was when it was new..

Re: four point upgrade

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2019 8:33 am
by Robert76
Yes, I gave up and got a new heat bed. NOT what I was planning to do with that money. Hope the new bed turns out to be better made than the last. If not I will try to build a custom heat bed. Now I have completed the upgrade and again am a bit disappointed. The instructions show but do not include 4" tie wraps - not that important, but would save some time and trouble at my end. The Arduino version required to upload the firmware does not work with the new 64 bit apple operating system. Fortunately, I found an older computer that did not have the new Mac os installed and was able to get the firmware installed.

Even more importantly, now that I have tested the system I find that the Y endstop actuator is missing. I found this out when the Y Imagemotor was slamming the bed against the mechanical stop during calibration. The instruction pictures are so dark and lo-res that I did not realize this at first. Now I may have to disassemble the damn thing to get that part in and because Makergear is closed for the holidays 'i doubt that I will be able to get the necessary part for a while ( unless I can use the one on the old spider? But even if that would work, I don't have the correct length screw.)