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Colorfabb XT Purple

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2016 3:59 am
by quaver
I decided to take the plunge and abandon ABS for materials with lower shrinkage, improved strength and low odor. PETG seemed like a good choice based on feedback on the boards and other research. In researching the PETG options, I was impressed with Eastman's reputation and their Amphora materials line. Colorfabb uses Eastman's Amphora AM1800 so that's what I picked. I used Jules' eSun Black PETG setting as a place to start (excellent work Jules). The XT printed ok with these setting but a bit of tweaking was required. One important factor with PETG seems to be allowing it enough time to cool before making a subsequent layer pass. In SD3 I had to increase the "Adjust printing speed for layer below..." to 15 seconds (default is 10). I completed the calibration and am able to hit 0.45-0.47mm bead width with a layer height of 0.25mm and an Extrusion Width of 0.45. Adhesion is good at 247 C extruder temp. Retraction/ooze management is pretty good as well. Overall print quality is excellent with a single wall 40X40X5 box.

When I try to print anything other that a single wall calibration box I run into trouble with the corners warping/flaring up. Simply printing 2 shells will cause this behavior. After about 5mm print height (20 layers) the nozzle begins to touch the printed material noticeably. First layer stays fixed to the PET film nicely with the bed temperature at 70 C. Suggestions/ideas on what might be causing this condition?

Re: Colorfabb XT Purple

Posted: Sat Aug 06, 2016 2:45 am
by quaver
Added my bed fan back to system, 100% after layer 3... great results 8-). I had removed the fan because I was printing ABS exclusively. I think I am going to like PETG.