badly wound esun PLA roll

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Re: badly wound esun PLA roll

Post by jferguson » Sat Dec 17, 2016 5:00 am

Hi, Jules
I think I'm over the hump. the last snarl, two prints ago, was really amazing. I couldn't get it unsnarled in time but it was early in the print. I did the same thing, got about 60 feet out this time, spooled it up again and I've printed for 12 hours now without a hitch and the spool looks a little tidier. I'm making fixtures to hold model airplane fuselage formers in alignment so that when the longitudinal members are glued in the result will be straight. there are 8 pairs. i can print a pair at a time but in the end it's 48 hours for the entire set.

I suppose it isn't that unusual to get a little frustrated once you've figured out how to do something, to have it take so long to get to the next step. But once these things are done, going from design to completion of fabrication will be pretty quick.

thanks for the reference.


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