PLA Plus Other Than eSun?

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Re: PLA Plus Other Than eSun?

Post by Gwhite » Sat Oct 28, 2017 11:33 pm

Well, the Paramount PLA showed up today. The color is perfect, but WOW this stuff likes to warp... Dialing this in may take a while...

I played with brims, and then extruder and bed temperatures, with little success. The problem seems to be more with bed adhesion than temperature, so I put a thin layer of glue stick on the polyimide bed surface, and that seems to help. The thin internal spring arms were warping, and a brim doesn't help with those. The warping is much more pronounced near the front of the machine, I suspect from the cooling fan proximity. The current version is OK so far, but for the next attempt, I think I will rotate it 180 so the spring arms are away from the fan.

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