esun epa question

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Re: esun epa question

Post by Gwhite » Mon Apr 16, 2018 2:26 am

I have used glue stick and hairspray on the glass side. Just flipped the plate over. HOWEVER, I also took a micrometer to the build plate and discovered that it wasn't uniform thickness. Mine was a tiny bit thicker at the back than the front, but the sides were pretty equal. The difference was small enough that I could comfortably flip the plate over on its long axis without re-leveling. If I had flipped it along the short axis, I might have has some issues.

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Re: esun epa question

Post by airscapes » Mon Apr 16, 2018 4:13 am

Yes, I wondered about that as well.. the spider that holds the platform is very flimsy.. when adjusting level the slightest pressure on it can go from no tension on a feeler to too much.. and as touchy as that is, I could imagine .02 difference in thickness could be just as disruptive..
So in the end my epa issues are as follows.. The M2 filament drive does not work so well with flexible filament.. and nylon sticks like crazy glue to the polyimide bed surface.. I should have used gluestick on the back side of the plate.. For those who come looking for Nylon M2 EPA adhesion .. Nylon sticks TOO well to the polyimide tape use on the M2! The tape/sheet pulls off the glass before the part comes off the tape/sheet.

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