Thinking of upgrading to M3 daul

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Capt. John
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Thinking of upgrading to M3 daul

Post by Capt. John » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:44 am

I have a working M2 with a brand new dual extruder kit that's never been installed.
Thinking of selling this to have the money to order the M3 dual that has all the
work done to it. So, I do not have the time, want, or will to upgrade my M2.

My M2 does not have the newer hot end, but have V3bs parts that are included.
It is a 2014 unit purchased in April with the bigger power supply.

Open to offers that includes free insured shipping.
Payment works with me in PayPal, or credit cards.

I've had great luck with my M2 and recommend this printer and company support
that put me on the right track when I began printing in 3D as a dumber than a stump newbie.

Hope it's OK with the admin to post this, and will send preorder on 1000 bucks in on a new machine
once I have a firm buyer.

M2 made the prototype 2014 fishing spoons that caught the fish on 7/29/17. This spoon has since
went into full production and it putting money in my pocket. There's more than just recreational 3D printing
for those that trust Makergear with their future. Worked for me!
Capt. John
Manistee, Michigan
Reel Amateur at 3D printing
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