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Re: How do I print a circular part?

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:59 am
by rs50pilot
All these years of printing parts and I have never did a calibration like that. Only checked steps on extrusion length. Guess I was just able to fumble my way through the other things to make it work. Thanks again!!!!

Re: How do I print a circular part?

Posted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 1:04 pm
by ednisley
rs50pilot wrote:never did a calibration like that
Welcome to the inner circle of dweebdom ...

The Extrusion Multiplier is basically a Fudge Factor compensating for a myriad non-linear effects, so it will change whenever anything in the extruder changes: new filament, new temperature, new speed, whatever.

Always always always print-and-measure a thinwall box to verify the Extrusion Multiplier before tweaking any other settings.

While you're at it, print a few of them to verify platform alignment: ... er-images/

IMO, the fundamental problem with DIY 3D printing boils down to it being a manufacturing process marketed as a consumer-friendly pushbutton activity. In reality, you must measure the results and adjust the slicer settings accordingly, at least to produce close-tolerance parts.

Paging Jason / jk42 ...

Given that most folks (seem to) blow past the whole Extrusion Calibration thing in the rush to print stuff, can you make it a bit more prominent in the things-to-do list? Perhaps in a filament changing checklist where EM calibration would fit right after measuring-and-setting the actual diameter. It'd scare off non-techie users, but calibration doesn't matter when you're just printing bunnies.