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Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:00 am
by trevorscott93
I wanted to change the nozzle to a .25mm from their store. I was wondering if anyone has a simplify 3d setting that reflects changing the nozzle to such with small print layers. Also, I was wondering if anyone has had luck using the .25 nozzle for the makergear m3. Basically, I want to print small layers for miniatures for gaming. I dont need resin quality but I have seen good results from PLA prints before.

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:42 pm
Although I have not tried a 0.25mm nozzle on the M3-ID, I do occasionally use one on my M2. If you need to go manual changes, my Simplify3D setting changes were in the following spots:

Extruder Tab - Highlight the appropriate one in the Extruder List

I changed Nozzle Diameter to 0.25

Extrusion Multiplier - 0.90

Extrusion Width- I went with Auto which set to 0.30

That glorious M3-ID probe will make this less painful-- but I have found the smaller the nozzle size, the harder that pesky first layer is. (Side bar - first layers in 0.75mm nozzles are a vacation!). You may also want to keep an eye on the Layer tab and possibly make adjustments to the First Layer Height and slow down the First Layer Speed for those thin extrusion lines to get a better stick.

Good luck!

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 6:59 pm
by airscapes
I have an M2 and have been printing miniatures for a coworker for weeks and it was a long road.
I have been using the .25 nozzle with a .25 Extrusion width. It is important to get your multiplier and starting height correct as even slightly over extruded will make removing support very difficult. Some models let you separate parts from the model so swords can be printed flat but not all do that. I will PM you my email address so you can contact me with any questions as you progress.
Factory files can not be attached in this forum so I dumped this on my web server for you to grab. I believe you should be able to just open this in S3D and print it.. not sure what is different between the M2 and M3.. At the very least you can see all the setting used to get this to print. ... ST.factory
with support.jpg
Orc Tanarukk.jpg
pla and abs guyssmall.jpg

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2018 11:02 pm
by trevorscott93
Those are some very nice prints! I was wondering if you ever thought about using support such as pva? With two nozzles, we can print in two materials having one print in PLA and one in PVA. I was wondering if you had any experience in that as well ?

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 1:48 pm
by airscapes
No, just bought the M2 in Feb, not sure I would have wanted to add 2 extruders to the learning curve even if I could have justified the cost. I came in to this hobby with no idea what I would be printing, just wanted to be able to make that dohickey they just don't have at the hardware store.. Then my coworker asked about miniatures I figured that was a good way to learn the slicer as by then I had discovered it was not plug and play... He pulled what he wanted off the web and I am working my way though the list. I have gotten to the point where I just weed the supports from 2 of the models and ship everything to him and let him do the rest. He can spend the time gluing arms and swords back together :lol:

Yes PVA would be cool but I think A resin SLA of DLP printer would be far better for the job. I keep thinking I will DIY one, I have several projectors but don't really have room for a big contraption nor do I know how to reduce the focus length of the projector.. moving the lens farther away from the image source I guess.. but I digress ..

Trevor, where you able to pull the factory file down, open it and print it, or is the M3 different enough that it would not work?
I have saved factory files for most of the models I have printed so if they work on the M3 I can post them for you to work with once you get the .25 nozzle.

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:33 am
by macmccaskie
Dang, This reminds me of the tin solders people used to make. I've seen displays of some remarkably and well painted platoons on parade.

I guess we are now making plastic solders far beyond the green army men!

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:03 am
by airscapes
Yes, these are for the game Dungeons and Dragons.. which came after my time.. If you search D&D miniatures on Google you will find they are really expensive to buy ready made and you need a lot of them to play the game apparently..

Here is the list that he gave me along with all the SLTs in zip files
He is going to owe me big! :D
Typically the base sizes are:

S = .75"
M = 1"
L = 2"
H = 3"
G = 4"

12x goblin/goblin with mace and shield S DONE 20+ Shipped
12x goblin/goblin with bow and arrow S DONE 12+ Shipped

5x unsorted/Giant Wold unk M Done 6+
10x lizardman/lizardfolk M Done 11
10x lizardman/lizardfolk M Done 11 15+ swords
3x unsorted/ M or L (depending) Done Shipped

5x kobold/kobold sorceror S DONE 6 Shipped
10x kobold/kobold rogue(1) S DONE 10+ Shipped
2x kobold/kobold Dragon Shield for S/M Done 5 Shipped
20x unsorted/giant S DONE 23 Shipped

15x orc/orc - Tanarukk M 18+
6x orc/claw of luthic M Done 8
6x orc/hand of yurtrus M Done 6
3x orc/half orc gladiator M DONE 7

10x hobgoblin/hobgoblin devastator M Done.. 12+
2x hobgoblin/hobgoblin iron shadow M
2x hobgoblin/ M

3x ogre/ L
1x ogre/garg and moonslicer L

6x unsorted/owl bear L
12x unsorted/bug bear L

3x unsorted/minotaur L

15x unsorted/stirge for shapeways S Done 20 Shipped

10x gnoll/gnoll.stl L
10x gnoll/gnoll updated L
3x gnoll/gnoll flesh gnawler L
20x undead/skeleton with a spear M
20x undead/zombie M
8x undead/ghoul M

3x undead/wight M
1x undead/night hag M

1x cube/geletaneous cube M or L

8x unsorted/cultist M
8x unsorted/acolyte for shapeways M
3x unsorted/abott M
3x unsorted/death cleric M

1x unsorted/succubus S or M Done about 6 or 7
2x unsorted/carrion crawler L
1x unsorted/zuggtmoy L? maybe H..
1x unsorted/phantom warriror for shapeways M
5x unsorted/thug M
3x unsorted/assassin for shapeways M
1x unsorted/mimic chest L

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 3:07 pm
by curieux
since 2 days I try to print with my 0.25 noozle on my UM2+ . The material is PLA
Bad results ,

@airscapes : can you give me your Simplify3d settings pls ?

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:12 pm
by airscapes
Settings? I mean you have to set calibrate your starting height and extrusion multiplier with a calibration square just like change any nozzle and/or filament. I can not do that for you. The only other thing that is nozzle specific that needs to be set prior to calibrations is the extrusion width. I used .25 for the miniatures.
Not sure what you are printing but all S3D settings are specific to the model. I don't think I can upload a factory file here.. I will toss one on my web server so you can pull it down.. You still need to calibrate EM and temperature.. Dra ... ST.factory

Re: Nozzle diameter settings

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:14 pm
by curieux
thx a lot for sending me the link and give me some additional hints