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M2 upgraded to rev G (?) and requires new belt clamp

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2021 7:50 pm
by mlamparter
I think I performed due diligence and my question has not been answered elsewhere, although I find that surprising. So apologies if I didn't find the correct forum post elsewhere.

I have had my M2 since 2013. I have performed nearly every upgrade possible at this point, I think. My most recent upgrade today was for what I believe makes it a "rev G" machine. I have the aluminum plate that mounts to the x-axis belt and holds the hot end and now the print cooling fan. Not sure what this piece is officially called (mounting plate?). At any rate I installed this without issue, uploaded new firmware to reverse the extruder motor direction to accommodate the shift of the hot end from right to left of the extruder motor shaft. All seemed well. I went to print and heard grinding when the x-axis attempted to home. Turns out the striker on the belt clamp is too short to hit the x-axis limit switch.

I checked the MakerGear Github and there does not seem to be an appropriate belt clamp STL file with an extended striker. In fact I cannot find anyone else encountering this issue on the internet except for one other person who designed their own belt clamp with an extended striker. It is intended for an M2 dual with V4 hotend. I am printing that part now:

The only issue with this part is that although it has an extended striker which will hopefully hit my x-axis limit switch, I checked the mounting holes and they are off for the aluminum piece I just installed. Does MakerGear have an official part for this? I am surprised I am the first person to encounter this problem. Or am I missing some upgrade to move my x-axis limit switch? It seems like maybe this change was made for Rev G. The MakerGear rev G user guide shows the x-axis limit switch in a different position than mine is located (page 11): ... 0089316959

Also now seeing this F/G cooling upgrade How To guide, but it doesn't mention anything about the x-axis limit switch: ... 1021802077

What am I missing here? THanks!

Re: M2 upgraded to rev G (?) and requires new belt clamp

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 3:29 am
by sthone
I haven't keep up with all the revisions but you can try this one for the Rev E. ... 0Clamp.stl

If not all the part files can be found here

Re: M2 upgraded to rev G (?) and requires new belt clamp

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2021 4:57 am
by Mach
I modified one of these. I added the larger pad to allow for a a coarse threaded screw to be sunk horizontally to allow adjustment. This was adding the new mount to a gen 1 M2 with a Bondtech extruder and Copperhead.

Image ... sp=sharing


Re: M2 upgraded to rev G (?) and requires new belt clamp

Posted: Mon Apr 05, 2021 2:24 pm
by mlamparter
Thanks, all. For some reason I was not receiving email notification when there were responses to my post so I am just now seeing these. Sorry about that. I ended up using the original part I mentioned and drilled a set of additional mounting holes in it. That part has been working fine ever since. But I do like the idea of adding a horizontal screw to the striker to allow for precise adjustment.

On an unrelated note, my printer is now experiencing an issue that I have struggled with off and on for over a year - it stops extruding mid-print. But that seems like a topic for a different post so I'll leave that alone for now.