M3-SE: z-banding after over extrusion mistake

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M3-SE: z-banding after over extrusion mistake

Post by sherbs » Fri Mar 26, 2021 6:52 pm

Hi Folks,

M3-SE here that has been flawless up until now. I'm having some trouble with Z-Banding and not sure where to look at this point.

I made an error when running a print with 100% infill. I inadvertently set the extrusion multiplier to 0.98 instead of 0.90. Although the first layer when down just fine, it seems that for much of the rest of the print (5 hours or so) the print head was dragging through considerable amounts of overextruded plastic. The top surface of the print was very rough and I'm sure this put quite a bit of strain on the printer.

Since that print, I've had substantial issues with z-banding that I've been trying to eliminate.

What I've tried:
New nozzle - some improvement from this alone
Ensuring that the bed and z-axis were as free from movement as possible - very slight improvement
Slicer Settings (z-hop, extrusion mult, speeds) - very slight improvement with larger z-hop, using 0.3mm at present
Offset calibration - no improvement (nor did I expect it given the printer uses BLTouch
Tightened belts - no improvement

Next step:
Pulling the print head apart and ensuring there is as little movement as possible (indicator measures about 0.1mm movement at the end of the part cooling fan)

Short of this next step, I'm not sure where to look.

Thanks for any help! I'd post pictures but I don't yet have permissions to do so.

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