Warning: Colorfabb Pet+ material change!

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Warning: Colorfabb Pet+ material change!

Post by MarkG » Thu May 01, 2014 8:23 pm

I wanted to get this out to anyone considering using the Colorfabb XL material, which is a PET+ filament that I had great luck with earlier this year. I know that others are using TGlase or Madesolid PET+.

I went through an entire roll in Feb-March, processing at 245C with great success, and no clogs. Recommended temp range 220-240C. Probably the longest runs without any problems, and I didn't switch materials (one PET+ hot end- thanks Jim for that advice).

I ordered two additional rolls, and started having problems using it. I won't go into the long story, but I couldn't make it work in any of two different hot ends, I tore everything apart, bought more parts, and cleaned ends three times, ect.

I have just found out from the distributor (Thanks Matt from Printed Solid!) that they changed the formula and that raised the temps by 20deg! My box says 220-240, but the website now says 240-260. I just cannot print it with the M2.

-XT manufactured after February 7th, 2014 does require a higher processing temperature and will have a slightly milkier finish. Processing temperature should be from 240-260.
-The PLA change mentioned on the Ultimaker forum happened at the end of 2013. It should only give a wider processing range and less stringing. Whatever temperatures you were using before should still work

So, the lesson I learned was to look beyond the usual suspects and reply on what you do know, and remain in contact with your suppliers to give feedback.

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Re: Warning: Colorfabb Pet+ material change!

Post by jimc » Fri May 02, 2014 3:04 am

thats good to know mark. i guess another reason to stick with the madesolid stuff. theirs always seems consistent. they came out with 4 new colors as well. trans blue,red and opaque bright blue and a grey. well you will be able to use the new xt you have when MG releases the v4 extruder.

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