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Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:19 pm
by dsmith
Here's the setup of the tube inside the cabinet... Having the printer "sideways" actually makes it easier to access all three leveling screws. Also, the printer frame is not in the exact middle, so it's still easy to remove prints. The print surface is a sheet of ultem bonded to the glass with 3m adhesive. No more slurry, glue, hairspray or whatever you guys use. If I want to print Ninja, I simply turn over the glass and print on bare glass (Dont print Ninja on Ultem/PEI surface).

Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:56 am
by theboz1419
Thanks, for the reply.

I actually settled putting the roll on the back of the case and the filament tube is only attached to the extruder. It seems to work fairly well, no jamming so far.

I just wish I had discovered this thread before I wasted money on making a plexiglass enclosure. So much nicer and professional looking.

Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:45 pm
by theboz1419
Here are some pictures of my modified Ikea enclose. I took some bits from others and combined them into my case. I think it turned out pretty good, much better then my plexiglass case I had before this

I found that there was just enough room for the filament roll to be on the back wall. The filament tube is only attached to the extruder and it seems to work better then I had thought it would and for the time being, will keep it that way.

I got the Infinity fan system, that was posted earlier in this thread and I am very impressed with it. The controller is all lite up and very easy to control the temperature

Now, I need to keep it hidden from my wife when she and my son comes back from Malaysia :lol:

Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 5:55 am
by steve220
pyronaught wrote:This is the one I built from scratch. The bottom cabinet is for filament storage and the printer section is temperature controlled. One thing I really like about this design is the slide-down door, since you can open and close it without a big door swinging open. It's only possible to do that when you have a lower section for the plexiglass to slide down into. I'm going to be making some more compact stackable boxes but won't be able to put a sliding door on those unfortunately since there will not be a cabinet under the printer. The only thing under the printer will be another printer :)
Can you share the dimensions of your enclosure? Very nice setup.

Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 4:43 pm
by yentrangkorea
Check out the "M2 tips" post in the tips forum. It has links to the original discussion and a list of the parts.

Re: Modified Ikea enclosure

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:35 pm
by crazyg0od33
I know this is reviving an old thread - can the M2 really not get full y-axis travel inside a lack enclosure?

I have my printer on a lack right now, and just looking at it, the bed never extends past the ends of the table. The cable at the back may, but only *slightly* and it seems flexible enough to work inside a lack enclosure...

I'm maintly asking because I have all the stuff needed to make two enclosures already, and would hate to not be able to fit the M2 in one of them after ordering everything.

I probably should've measured beforehand, but as I said, it doesn't extend past the table in any way besides the flexible cable, so I figured it would fit until I read a reply on here