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M3 Positive Surprise

Post by Ollie » Mon Aug 07, 2017 4:56 am

I am learning to use my new M3 in baby steps. My intention is to get an IKEA table and box for the printer, but I left it in the basement on top of the empty shipment box. It felt strong enough.

I had started the 3DBenchy and after plate and extruder heating, After it had been printing around 10 minutes, I went to the basement. To my shock, the printer had tilted 45 degrees and almost fallen into the shipment box. The surprise in this story is that the printing seemed to be totally ok. I lifted the moving printer to floor for completion of the 3DBenchy.

Kudos to Makergear of creating this robust tank that can do high-quality printing
- when the printer is tilted
- when some X and Y direction movements are restricted

I don't have any experiences with the other printers but have doubts if they could do the same.

Another observation is that Simplify3D (4.0) is doing much better slicing than the default slicer in Octoprint. I guess that this is not a surprise to anybody.

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