Best camera to use with MG M3 ID

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Best camera to use with MG M3 ID

Post by asg11us » Sat Nov 18, 2017 5:54 pm


I just got the MG M3 ID and was wondering if anyone can recommend a good webcam to use with the printer. I found a link containing webcams that have been known to work with OctoPrint: ... wn-to-work.

I am putting my printer in my garage and want to be able to monitor prints from my office using my Windows 10 laptop, iPad or iPhone. I'm hoping to find a camera that can be self-standing (next to the printer) or mounted and good in low light.

Also, since the camera will be in a completely different room than my laptop, can the webcam be plugged directly into the USB port on the printer instead of needing a separate connection to the network via wireless or cable?

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Best camera to use with MG M3 ID

Post by jslick_007 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 6:45 pm

I use a Logitech 922 on a custom designed mount with my MG M3IDs and it works quite well... I do however have USB-powered LED light bulbs hung over them to create enough light for them to work well... Both the light and the cam are directly plugged into the USB interfaces on the M3ID's Raspberry PI.

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Re: Best camera to use with MG M3 ID

Post by ajmadison » Tue Nov 21, 2017 5:36 pm

Not exactly the response requested, but I have an older mac book (2010) that was having issues. I turned it into a M3 Controller (ie. it runs S3D) to start up prints via the sdflash card. Once the print is running, I start up the Photo Booth App, and point the camera at the printer. I then share the screen of the Mac. From another mac, I use share screen (or via finder & the network list) find the M3 Controller machine, and look at its "screen." Because photo booth is running, and the camera is pointed at the printer, I can remotely see the progress of the print. Resolution not that great, but with some suitable lighting, I can make several gross assessments of the print, e.g. has the initial portion of the print failed (these were in the early days of my understanding supports, or STL files claiming to printable, but NOT), or to estimate progress, because S3D is notorious for being off 20-30% off in its duration estimates. One issue with this arrangement, is that this controller Mac would occasionally reboot. And the crash wouldn't kill the print, but S3D restarting would. So I would have to detach the USB cable from the M3 after the printer started, re-attach when doing another print.

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