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Post by sthone » Wed Mar 28, 2018 7:31 pm

I just recently made this quick/cheap/simple enclosure out of Reflectix Double Reflective Insulation and foil tape because I just need it occasionally and can drop it right over the top of everything.

My question is what kind of temps should an enclosure run at? I'm running ABS and just with the heated bed at 110° and it got up to about 116°F inside after about an hour.

Also will I have to worry about the printers electronics at this temp? I did do a 2 hour print and I noticed some bed temp spike that looked like it shut off a few times during that time. (I also foolishly melted my PLA camera mount too :oops:) Is there a max temp a need to stay under? I can add a temp controller/fan if so....
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