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My Rev. D. Showcase

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 6:31 pm
by branchedout
Edit: The forum moves a little slow so I'm going to post my things only in this thread to not clutter up this section!

Yesterday was mighty exciting. Had been browsing and reading around. Posted on here a little while back and it looked like my questions were still a little basic/vague. Did some more reading and searching around to gain more knowledge and yesterday my printer arrived!

Leveling was... Fun. I had previously ordered a dial indicator and it'll be in tomorrow. Tried a peice of paper and wasn't the fastest at it and said, "eh i'll just eye it."
It wasn't until I checked S3D's settings that I had forgotten to change the extrusion width from .4 to .35 (but s3d's configuration assistant did put the nozzle size correctly).
Then to top it off, I said to myself, "this glass bed is totally snug, I don't need binder clips." Clatter an hour later on infill proved me very wrong :lol: . That glass was a rockin' and a rollin'. Very noticible effect on the benchy smokestack.

Ah, the linear rails. Quite easily my favorite part of the whole printer. Slides like butter and sounds so nice. Printer is much quieter than I had originally thought. I ordered some filament from Makergeeks and threw in their cork dampeners, but they forgot to include the dampeners. So I'll live with it until next order from them, it's not too bad!

Makergear makes a fine machine, for sure.

Coworker asked me for a simple wooden cross. Charged her $5 and she prepaid, then my previous printer went out of whack. Two months went by and I got this M2 in. The lady was very nice and didn't bother me at all about it. So I did her one better!

Re: Got that lightly used Rev D in. Benchy+fidget toy

Posted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 1:40 am
by Jules
Great job on it! :D

Re: Got that lightly used Rev D in. Benchy+fidget toy

Posted: Sat Feb 04, 2017 3:35 am
by willnewton
They aren't too bad, but a click on the top pic will open a more embiggen-able photo that on a very zoomed setting, looks like some separation in the perimeter walls and slightly open top layers.

I'd say you need to be shootin' a bit more plastic so that everything is snugly attached to itself and everything else.

Might need to bump your extrusion or your print temp or check S3d settings or slow down or have a nascent clog in the making.

You are on your way though!