Humanoid Educational Robot

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Humanoid Educational Robot

Post by morganfree » Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:11 pm

I'm printing parts for a project of a company that's trying to create an educational Robot.

Basically, each robot takes aroud 100 hours to be fully printed and I've divided the parts to have 6 loads of the machine.
The parts are all hollow, so I had to print with tons of support! The outter surfaces always had to be on top, to enhance the aspect of the part. In the interior, the parts look very awfull, but all of the internal elements of interface, are there. We'll check the prints with the eletronics tomorrow.

During the prints I had a lot of problems:
- Power outages
- My dog unplugging the electrical cord (so, power outa again)
- I had to stop some prints because I was noticing some quality issues... and so on

So, I did have to work a lot to correct those many stops of the prints.

I've completed two so far. The one in the pictures is the first one with the most of the problems and many parts glued because of this. I had to correct many surfaces by sanding and painted on top to give a better look to the whole thing (also to even the color of the two different PLA I've used). I'm quite happy with the result, but the second one, took a lot less of manual job and it look is much better.

I've created a post on Tech Support taking about these issues and asking what do you do to avoid/resolve them.
Any comments, let me know! ;)

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Re: Humanoid Educational Robot

Post by Jules » Wed Feb 08, 2017 3:48 pm

Wow, those are pretty freaking cool! :lol:

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