new extruder woes

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new extruder woes

Post by macsboost » Sun May 11, 2014 10:28 pm

I upgraded to the 24v setup on a late 2012 M2. This unit has 1/8 microstepping. I loaded the latest firmware and made the changes to reflect the 1/8 step changes.

I am having lots of trouble getting a successful print with ABS. It will print the first layer, but beyond that the extruder starts to skip. the skips sound like popping at the extruder. this happens a few times and then stops extruding. I have to clean out the nozzle and start again. I'm using 245 for the first layer then 235 for the rest.

I'm using the 091 slicer configuration with the temps changed but that is it. could i have a bum extruder? varying the extruder tension doesn't seem to help.

I did increase the current in the firmware to 165 for x,y,z and e0 but increasing stepper current didnt seem to help. the motors are warm and i don't think i should go up in current beyond this.

it is stripping so fast it is acting like a clogged nozzle, but the nozzle is new, right out of the 24v upgrade kit. I've printed lots of abs with more speed than this. is the new extruder not as good at speed?

Any suggestions?

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