My extruder is now an invalid. Let's get him fixed!

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My extruder is now an invalid. Let's get him fixed!

Post by willnewton » Sat May 24, 2014 4:16 pm

my Makergear M2 wrote:SENT: M104 S0 T2
RECEIVED: echo:M104 Invalid extruder
M104 Invalid extruder
OK, so last night I ran a print. I turned off the machine. I went to bed. Today I turn on the machine and S3D. Everything powers up......'cept my extruder. :(

I checked the obvious. Good connections? Yep.

I used the multimeter to check for continuity in the wiring in case of break or a short. That's all good.

Open the control box and check the same at the board. A continuity check triggers the extruder heat LED, so that seems OK.

So, I was at a loss and started this thread, looking for a hand since it was the weekend and not ready to call in official support just yet.

:shock: :roll: :lol:

OK, just figured it out while I was typing this. Somehow while clicking OFF extruder heat button in S3D I accidently must have hit the "active toolhead" menu bar and switched extruders. I was exhausted and blurry eyed and it was late. Chalk it up to operator error!

And that is the quickest tech support response ever.
I'm finally back to where I started two days ago!

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Re: My extruder is now an invalid. Let's get him fixed!

Post by jimc » Sat May 24, 2014 4:41 pm

Well its alswas best when you can answer your own tech support question. Youll remember and not make that mistake again :D

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