Spares to UK.

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Re: Spares to UK.

Post by » Wed May 28, 2014 8:53 am

Hi Toby,

Seems it is a 2 power supply unit. Does this tie in from being purchased sep/nov last year?

Are there any major resolution changes in the latest iteration?

What is upgraded, other than fans to update this machine please?


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Re: Spares to UK.

Post by Toby » Wed May 28, 2014 3:40 pm

Yes, I think that was around the time of the change.

I'm no expert in the hardware unfortunately. There was more discussion of the upgrade on the old google group. Here's one link to get you started: ... 5-false%5D

The upgrade doesn't change the print resolution. It's the same machine, just using a different power supply which supplies different voltages (24v vs 12v), with maybe some changes/improvements to the bed heater and hot end. I believe the upgrade is needed to use the future all metal hot end (the v4), which also will come in a dual extruder version.

I would think it would be a good idea to see the used printer working before buying it. The M2 is well built, but if someone dropped it anything could happen. If the nozzle is clogged that's no big deal by itself, but I would want to make sure all the carriages moved freely and accurately under power, and the bed can still be accurately leveled.

There's a video from Makergear for bed leveling without turning the machine on:

There are other ways to do it detailed in the tips section here, but I think that might be too much information until you actually have an M2.

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