Nee help again trouble shooting, will not connect

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Nee help again trouble shooting, will not connect

Post by daveb » Wed Jan 04, 2017 3:59 am

If this is double I'll delete, thought I sent from phone. Setup a print before bed one night. Checked early morning and the nozzle was broken off hanging. May have been me zeroing. had ordered the parts to upgrade to RevE, It had blown fuse so I ordered some and all was well. Took it offline to upgrade and cleaning, decided to install duals later,. Did not activate the new end stop yet.Setup a print last evening, it heated up and all was good. I had forgot to reset zero on the Y and X axis. The printer was trying to advance the bed and was hitting on the hold down. So I done a Emergency Stop. Afer that I can not get the printer to connect with Simply 3D or Matter Control. I has reset everything from PC, PC software, removed com 3 and 4 to make it recognize with no luck. It will show in Windows as a Rambo but that's it. Only lights on Rambo are the two red ones mid board. The lights near USB do not come on at any time. Reset does nothing and even unplugged it from power completely, no luck. All fuses are OK. Any ideas?

Have I lost a board?

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Re: Nee help again trouble shooting, will not connect

Post by Jules » Wed Jan 04, 2017 4:08 am

Yikes! Don't know about the board....did you change the firmware over to the correct firmware for the Rev.E machine?

(Keep in mind, I know nothing about whatever changes you have to make to this thing to convert it, i just know the Rev.E uses different firmware than the earlier models.)

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