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Play in Y-axis bearing

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 2:23 pm
by Steve T
I have an M2 and was wondering how I would remove the play in the Y-axis linear bearing? I can see what appears to be adjustment screws on each end but wanted to make sure before I ruin anything. I'm also not sure how to tell which end has the play.

Also, my Rambo box cooling fan is dying and I have a ball bearing fan of the same physical size that could work but it is 12v. 0.8 watts vs. the original 12v. 0.15 watts. Would the difference in wattage be a problem?

One last thing, I've noticed the M3 has a swivel clip that now holds the glass plat to the bed, is there a way to adapt that to the M2? The spring clips are such a pain!

Many thanks,

Re: Play in Y-axis bearing

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 4:05 pm
by 3dPrintingMD
In short, you can not to my knowledge repair the linear bearing, you will need to replace it.

The fan should be be fine, as long as both are the same voltage.

All printed parts can be found here:

Edit: Clips are here: ... 0Clips.STL

Re: Play in Y-axis bearing

Posted: Wed May 31, 2017 11:48 pm
by Steve T
Thanks Bro for the links, info and expertise!

Re: Play in Y-axis bearing

Posted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:03 am
by Farr0wn3d
I ordered the Y carriage from makergear (just carriage, not rail/carriage combo) and it was surprisingly easy to replace. took maybe 10 min at a leisurely pace.

Sidenote, I planned to do the carriage and the z axis brass nut at the same time, and I figured the brass nut would be the easier of the two. NOT the case. Z nut was such a PITA, and the carriage was a breeze. I ended up not bothering with the z nut, since the play in the new one was barely less than in my current one. Play in both seems excessive.