PC Application Installation Issues for M2

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PC Application Installation Issues for M2

Post by GBuchwitz » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:10 am

Hi. I'm having problems installing the Quick Start App for an M2.
I received an email stating that I'd successfully registered the M2. The email included an activation key.
Since the laptop PC which will ultimately be connected to the M2 cannot (for security reasons) have email, I typed the email's startup app link from another PC into this laptop's browser and hit return.
When prompted, I entered the activation key from the email. There may have been a problem at this point because submitting that key did not make the dialog box disappear. I see the button go down when I click it, but the screen just sits there prompting me to either submit the entered key or "Remind me later". The only way I could get that dialog box to disappear was by clicking "Remind me later".

Hoping that the activation key had indeed been accepted, I proceeded to download the Quick Start App. After saving the downloaded App, it was unclear to me what the next step was. Normally in situations like this, after saving the downloaded app I'm given an option to run the app - which should hopefully lead to my being able to actually use the printer.

What I see instead is a Windows Explorer screen with the downloaded files ready to be extracted. After extracting all the files as recommended, it's unclear to me what to do next. Included among these files is a driver app and a quick start app... both of which give me an error if I attempt to run them (as I recall running the get started app results in a message, "Cannot find framework.dll").

I look around in the extracted files, but I can't find framework.dll. I don't know what I'm doing incorrectly here.

On a similar issue, Simplify 3D was supposed to be included in the M2 order. I'd assumed that upon registering the M2's serial number I'd receive instructions or a link to download Simplify 3D. This didn't happen, so I'd appreciate instructions on how to get the software.

Any guidance on how to complete installation of the quick start app and how to get the Simplify 3D app would be sincerely appreciated.

Thanks! - guy

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Re: PC Application Installation Issues for M2

Post by wmgeorge » Wed Aug 02, 2017 5:31 pm

https://www.simplify3d.com/ You may be able to download the trial version?
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