Wearing Out Reset Switch...

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Wearing Out Reset Switch...

Post by Gwhite » Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:58 pm

I'm using the SD card LCD interface to run my print jobs. Frequently, when I've done a print and want to either run it again or start a new job, the controller doesn't start properly. It says it's loaded the G-code from the SD card, and it just sits there. Ordinarily, if I'm starting from scratch, once I load the file, it flashes "sleeping" on the info display and then switches to heating the bed.

When it misbehaves, I've taken to pressing the reset switch in the front of the electronics box. I can feel something clicking, but it often takes a couple tries to get it to actually reset. It also seems like it is now taking more & more attempts to get its attention.

I wouldn't be surprised if the reset switch is pretty cheap, and isn't designed for frequent use. I am not looking forward to tearing my machine apart far enough to replace the switch after only 6 months of light use. If I do, I will probably put a cord on it with a connector and a run it to a serious push button I can eventually mount on the enclosure I'm building.

Other than power cycling the machine, I haven't found a more elegant way to get it to start the next job.

Is there some trick I can use with the LCD interface to avoid constantly having to hit the reset button?

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