*FIX* extruder stops extruding

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*FIX* extruder stops extruding

Post by boxcarmib » Thu Feb 01, 2018 12:15 am

My up till a few days ago always reliable M2 became the machine from hell after a failed print caused by the filament jamming on the spool resulted in the M2 extruding unreliably. Because I didn't discover the filament jam immediately, I actually had two failed prints for the same reason. Once I untangled the filament I went for my third attempt. The M2 would do fine for about the first six ~ 10 layers and then it would simply stop extruding. I tried everything you could think of without success. Finally I removed printed "filament drive" part and gave it a good look... from what I could see (and perhaps due to the force of the motors trying to pull against the filament that wouldn't budge) I noticed that the hole at the top of the drive had become fairly elongated, and there was also a fair amount of distortion at the top of the part by the feed hole as well. I crossed my fingers and printed the part "Single Filament Drive r3" (my M2 came with the unrevised version). Fortunately it printed fine and after installation NO MORE extrusion malfunction. Subsequent testing revealed that the extrusion malfunction only occurred with parts that had a wide X dimension... and I'm confident that the problem was caused by the filament binding in the 'filament drive' part when the head moved too far to the right resulting in the filament being stripped by the hobb gear and then refusing to extrude any further.
I pass this on for anyone suffering from similar extrusion malfunction mysteries and also a suggestion that you all might want to consider printing a spare copy of the 'filament drive' part just in case a filament spool jam causes you to encounter the same problem but your printer is left in a state where it cannot print the replacement part.

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Re: *FIX* extruder stops extruding

Post by jk42 » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:47 pm

Just wondering. Are you using the filament guide tube?
~Jason from MakerGear

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