Extrusion issues

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Extrusion issues

Post by tanner021 » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:01 pm


for starters I was printing fine a week ago and the first layers have been a success up until recently (problems still occurred after the first layer). I believe that there are certain things to tune in simplify 3d that i'm unsure of at the moment so keep that in mind as your reading this. Here is a list of some troubleshooting that hasn't seemed to change my problems

-nozzle seemed a little close to the base. I readjusted the z-height

-print speed seemed a little fast. I slowed it down to 70% speed.

-motor was making a clicking noise. This was a little weird because the tip wasn't clogged, it was actually the drive unit. It was tough to remove the PLA. I don't believe that the drive unit is what is causing my headaches because when I first feed the PLA through, it extrudes everything, the drive unit is really just a guidance system. So it makes sense to me that as long as the PLA finds the nozzle there should be no problems. I'm guessing that whenever the clogging occurred in the nozzle, the motor would start to tangle the PLA inside the drive unit. is it possible that the nozzle is causing my trouble, or possibly the programming?

Like I said, the first layer was coming out alright, but it seemed when things sped up at the infill stage things were getting screwy.

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