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Need some help please

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 5:58 pm
by daveb
Need a bit of help here. Was having trouble getting the frimware to remember the z-stop when using the quickstart app or g-code input. Now the thing wants to park the X and Y axis right over my plate hold down. I've used m206 x ** Y** then M501 to verify looks good, Then M500 to save it, it parks same place. Just for learning I've issued M206 x-180 y-180 and then M500 with the same results, parks over bed hold down. Even tried M206 X180 Y180 and same results. When I was having trouble with Z axis it would save, and the go to print and it wanted to drive the nozzle thru the glass. I was printing fine with just a glass coated with PEI sheet. Cleaned up the MIC6 (is that right name for aluminum plate?) with PEI and had to reset Z because of thickness, that when this started I've reinstalled the firmware that Makergear gave me. It's a M2 Dual (Not RevE) but with the Z-Stop on the bottom and the silver extruder.