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Z Height/Homing with E3D V6 Hotend

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 2:48 pm
by mkmachining
I have an M2 with a V6 hotend, was getting some weird Y-axis shifting partially through prints (big z-axis indentation on parts that would slowly come back to where it should be) and Makergear Tech Support suggested putting the newest firmware on the printer after nothing else solved the problem.

When I went to level the bed I noticed it started with the nozzle much closer than usual. When homing before a print it hits the bed, then upon trying to print it is way above the bed.

I'm assuming I need to alter the z-axis settings because of the hotend difference in height...where would I do this? MG support thought no changes would be needed, but unfortunately that isn't the case and I really need to make some parts!