Marlin version RC 8 issue with z motor up/down

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Marlin version RC 8 issue with z motor up/down

Post by bfrakes » Fri Jun 22, 2018 3:32 pm

Intalled the BLTouch and configured the Marlin version 8 software. Opened in the Marlin Software configuration software and no matter what the settings are, the z moves down even though the down is selected.

Tried inverting the z motor and then it moves up no matter what is selected. The x and y work normally.

The BLTouch appears to be sensing the bed like it should when homing the z axis. Only when moving to adjust the z offset does it do this.

Resetting the printer does nothing to help this.

If I reattach the old z limit switch and upload the sketch that was working, the printer works normally.

I've gone over both sketches line for line and except for the BLTouch lines added, they are identical.

Not understanding what is going on with this...

Any ideas, greatly appreciated....

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