M2 - inaccurate dimensions along z-axis

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M2 - inaccurate dimensions along z-axis

Post by golariu » Sat Jan 09, 2021 5:32 pm


I have a MakerGear M2 purchased in 9/14, for which I recently upgraded to the V4 extruder and F/G cooling using the "V4 EXTRUDER UPGRADE + REV F/G COOLING KIT" from the MakerGear online shop, Previously I had a V3B extruder. The ABS bracket kept breaking so I took the leap to upgrade.

After the upgrade and recalibration of the Z-axis movement, everything seemed fine. Until I discovered that the dimensions on the Z-axis are not accurate.

In short and by example, a part that is (5/8 - 1/40)" tall, prints at 5/8", consistently.

The same part was printing at the actual (5/8 - 1/40)" height with my previous extruder.

I worked with the support guys who I have to say are really nice and patient but we could not figure this one out.

Any ideas?

I am printing in ABS. I would attach the STL but I don't see an option here to attach a file.


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