Temperature Reporting Issue - M2 Dual

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Temperature Reporting Issue - M2 Dual

Post by 3Dbob » Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:42 pm

Hi all,

Im having a bit of an issue with my M2 Dual.

If i print with Tool0 all is well and has been for month and months.

While i dont use the second tool very often i have come to require it this week but have the following issue.

In short the temperature reporting for Tool1 doesn't seem to be working correct.

I can confirm first of all the sensor appears to be behaving properly, i have tested with a meter, all resistance values look good, i have also swapped the T1 sensor to the T0 header on the board (Rambo 1.3) and it reads the temperature correct.

I have checked with S3D, Cura and Pronterface. All three show no change on T1, however they all do show ~23degC all the time, regardless of the actual temperature, or if the sensor has been connected/disconnected.

I have checked continuity of the header, and checked for dry solder joints, no issue there.

I have also tried reloading the firmware, problem persists!

Also the board temp sensor is otherwise working fine, all seem to be on T1.

Would appreciated any assistance or suggestions.

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