Trying to print spare filament drive

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Trying to print spare filament drive

Post by KiddingMe » Thu Jan 29, 2015 3:54 am

Trying to print spare filament drive but when I view the preview I only see supports on one side of the part.

I'm using Rsilvers ABS 2.0 profile and turned on automatic supports. Nothing else was changed. Any tips?
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Re: Trying to print spare filament drive

Post by Tim » Thu Jan 29, 2015 4:08 am

I think the main thing is to turn down the size of the support structures, which is in a box in the top-right under the "support" section, and by default is, I think, 4mm. Setting this to 2mm sometimes resolves weird support issues.

Having printed a number of filament drives myself, I suggest using the manual support placement. There's a button that automatically places manual supports (that's not the manual part), after which you can add or remove supports if you don't like the way the automatic algorithm placed them. I have been removing supports from the filament guide hole with the manual support method; the hole is so small it's not going to sag much, and whether or not you put supports in it, you will want to drill it out to ensure a smooth bore for the filament. That said, though, I did print one or two with supports inside the filament guide hole, and it came out in one piece when I grabbed it with a pair of pliers and yanked. Mainly, I just think the automatic supports are not always very clever about what they're doing, and using the manual support method to place automatic supports followed by manual editing works well for me.

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Re: Trying to print spare filament drive

Post by jsc » Thu Jan 29, 2015 8:33 pm

Tim has it right. If you mess with the support grid size, you can sometimes get automatic support to come up with something reasonable. Easiest just to go in there and do it yourself, though. You especially want to make sure things like suspended holes and convex arcs are fully supported around their rims. Adding a little support expansion in the support tab can help get better coverage.

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Re: Trying to print spare filament drive

Post by msmollin » Fri Jan 30, 2015 5:15 pm

Just want to +1 both of the above posts. Most of the models I've been printing recently seem to do best with 2.25mm resolution on the support. I have no idea why... but 2mm and 2.5mm don't produce correct structures.

You really want to get in there and see what S3D is going to do using the "Manual" support tool... which will autogenerate if you press the subsequent "Apply based on overhang angle" button. Some of the support structures are nuts it will generate otherwise, or it won't generate support in the right places at all. I had a model with an overhang you could measure in inches and S3D refused to generate enough support for it automatically.

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