Using machineable wax filament

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Using machineable wax filament

Post by dgerichs » Fri Jul 15, 2016 6:36 pm

I have not purchased a unit yet. But, I desire to make wax models out of a 3mm flexible wax filament. I have a source for this machineable wax product. I would then use the wax model for precision investment casting (lost wax method) to produce hard abrasive resistant stainless steel parts.
My question is, Will the MakerGear machine allow me to use these spools of wax filament. My supplier of the filament says that I should use the FDM method. He suggested the printer should have a direct drive extruder, heated bed, and an all metel hot-end.
The MakerGear printer seems to get the best reviews in my price range.
Looking for advice.

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Re: Using machineable wax filament

Post by willnewton » Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:09 pm

There is not much they don't allow in filaments, except to stay within the safe temp ranges. They only provide tech support for their own filaments as far as I know.

Do you have a link to the wax and a description of the final finish you are going for in your wax or a picture of a part? Don't expect "machined" surfaces from the printer or tolerances in the .001" range.

You can do "lost PLA" printing, so you would not have to use the wax filament. PLA will burn out.

It really depends on what you are up to, but in general there are a lot of positive MG user experiences and a decent community of folks here to help as needed. I've had mine for several years. In the meantime, I bought a small import printer that I used one afternoon and decided it was not worth it to even mess with, because the MG was so much better. I then scratchbuilt a 400x600 large bed printer, it never was used much because the size is just overkill and the quality is a bit low. Even then, I never stopped using the MG. It printed the big printer! But now the big printer has been made into a laser cutter. Even my friends with other 3D printers agree the MG has the highest quality prints and chassis.

I have stuff printing as we speak and it may not be used everyday, but it sometimes sees weeks of use. I use it for a lot of stuff that I never imagined I would use it for. It is my favorite tool, only surpassed in use by my design software and hardware. If you have some electrical, mechanical, and programmical skills you will have a head start, but it is not hard to learn.

I can't imagine not having one now.
I'm finally back to where I started two days ago!

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Re: Using machineable wax filament

Post by Jules » Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:35 pm

The M2s don't come prepped for 3 mm filament, so if you did decide you wanted to try it, you would have to be willing to modify the machine.

You can read about how a couple of other guys did it here, but keep in mind, that was for a earlier version of the machine. They no longer use those hot ends and new drives would probably have to be designed and printed for the new machines.


If MakerGear still has any of the older style machines though, they might actually have a couple of the 3mm V3B hotends too, that they would be willing to get rid of.

Probably best to just shoot MakerGear a quick email and ask them directly if the new style can be modified for 3 mm filament, or if they still have any of the older style machines and nozzles before anything else:


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Re: Using machineable wax filament

Post by jimc » Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:16 am

will is right, the wax is not even necessary. i have had things casted before and pla is the way to go. i gave the person doing the casting the printed parts which burns right out.

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Re: Using machineable wax filament

Post by Mach » Sat Jul 16, 2016 12:51 am

The machineable wax filament is difficult to print. I got a roll of the 1.75mm from and gave up on it. It lifts and curls like crazy. Moldlay prints much better but is not that much easier to post-print process than PLA. Not sure what size your parts are but you might consider printing PLA then making a mold for wax - especially if you're dong multiples. If you're printing small precise parts, consider an SLA resin printer like a Form 2.

I'm very curious how you plan to cast stainless parts. Care to share details?

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