Getting a used Rev. D as my first workhorse

Need some assistance getting here...
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Getting a used Rev. D as my first workhorse

Post by branchedout » Tue Jan 24, 2017 4:56 pm

Hi there guys. Got into 3D printing in December after Monoprice had a black friday sale on their Maker Select V2.1s. "i'm not gonna spend a lot on 3d printing" I told myself. $260 isn't so bad!
Instantly HOOKED. Coolest thing I've ever seen. Luckily after 20 days my bed became a little warped and made it very very hard to level. Got a refund and was planning on getting a Monoprice Ultimate (a duplicator 6 clone). For some reason I didn't want monoprice again so I got a FlashForge Creator Pro. Well, ran into problems iwth that too. Leveling was impossible after ten prints. But couldn't refund that one since I got it from Flashforge-USA. So now I've got a replacement bed+sd card reader coming in.
But I've felt realy restricted in build volume and size with the flashforge. And here, I'm thinking of business applications since I live in a tiny hick town.

Ran across a guy on Reddit with a lightly used M2 (edit: I see he's a member here :lol: ). Found out it's a Rev D, but he's got the metal external electronics box with it, along with the V4b extruder and metal mount.
He asked if it was my first printer and told me, "You'll have to relevel it when it arrives"
Was already going to, but I've been reading up on these forums. Looks to be a Z-issue I need to take care of. He's been printing great with it, but I'd imagine I need to re-do my Z-Endstop.

Now, I'm also seeing something referring to a z-OFFSET within S3D (I have). Do I set the Z-screw AND the Z-offset within the software?
With the Kapton tape on the boro glass, does it retain the "pop-off" qualities vs printing on glass with hairspray?
Would you be so kind as to share some PLA/PETG S3D Profiles or are the stock ones good?

And I guess a question for a month or two down the line: I'm itching to build one myself. I've taken apart and put back together the Maker Select/FlashForge enough times to get an idea of how a printer works and it's decently simple. There's easy resources on a D-Bot style CoreXY build, but I'm also interested in sourcing for a Delta. What would you recommend in the future?

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Re: Getting a used Rev. D as my first workhorse

Post by willnewton » Thu Jan 26, 2017 5:19 pm

start reading the stickies and exploring the forum a bit. your question about available filament profiles is kinda crazy considering that there are no less than a dozen examples on page one of the filament forums. The stickies at the tops of forums and beginner guides are all located on page one of every subforum.

explore the forum first, use the search, if you have questions post them up under a single topic, rather than rambling and asking question on five unrelated topics in one post.

basically, make it easier for us to help you by helping yourself first. your question has not has a reply for several days after posting. that is rare here and usually a signal that you might need to tighten up focus on your questioning or that the answer is laying out in the open in many places on the forum.

To answer at least one of your questions: when you get the M2, loosen the nozzle, home the z-axis, drop the nozzle on the bed with piece of card stock between them and tighten it. Use the z-offset in S3D to fine tune the layer height. Start in .10mm increments and .05mm to really dial it in.

Check and read the starting guides that Jules has posted on the forum, even if it is the rev e. guide you will learn a lot.

Welcome to the M2. You're gonna like it!
I'm finally back to where I started two days ago!

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Re: Getting a used Rev. D as my first workhorse

Post by Jules » Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:11 pm

Huh! I didn't even see this one....I wonder if it was moderated?

Anyway, there is a separate Beginner's Guide for the older model machines, and it has instructions that will walk you through leveling and setting the Z-stop and the Z-offset.


That should get you started. :D

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Re: Getting a used Rev. D as my first workhorse

Post by insta » Thu Feb 23, 2017 8:24 pm

Did you buy it from jprochnow?
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