First prints turning into spaghetti (dual extruder)

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First prints turning into spaghetti (dual extruder)

Postby fe1od1or » Wed Aug 16, 2017 4:38 pm

Hello all. Was unsure if to post this in technical support or getting started, this seems to be more appropriate as I am very new.

I'm working on setting up a dual extruder, and am running some tests, but pretty much everything is coming up as spaghetti. I've tried the makergear supplied dual test print, a bulbasaur from thingiverse, sliced with slic3r in Repetier Host. Upon failing those, I tried to print the pre-loaded hexa, but that broke off from the bed after the triangles inside did not stick.

The problems so far are: filament is not sticking to bed, filament does not extrude at the start of the print.

The strange part is that before trying to use the second extruder, I printed a benchy sliced like the bulbasaur, and the pre-loaded cubes and bracelet. Aside from some curling on the rear of the benchy, they printed perfectly.

Here are some pictures in an imgur album: I accidentally set the album to public, sorry about that.
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