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beginner needs help

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 5:13 pm
by Learner17
I am a beginner at makergear m2 and would really appreciate help get it work. I am using Pronterface.
Just doing a test print, have the image loaded correctly on pronterface.

Port: COM7@115200
xy 3000 mm/min Z 200
heat 185 PLA, bed 60 PLA
length 6.0 mm@2000
print speed 100%

The target temp is met and when i gave the print command nothing happens except for the fans running. The X and Y axis doesn't move at all. The Extrude button when pressed doesn't do anything!
At the bottom it says: Printing:19.88% Line#10530 of 50985 lines, Est:0:25:48 of 0:34:36 remaining Z:3.700mm
What does the above mean? The percentage and line number keeps increasing but nothing moves??
Please help!