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Marlin 2.0 firmware for M2 Rev E, latest bugfix

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 1:00 am
by djw
I recently upgraded my M2 Firmware to Marlin V2 Bugfix to get my Makergear M2 Rev E up and running 4/3/2021

I have these features enabled :
250,000 Baud serial rate Enabled- ive also had working up to 1 million baud - but I tuned it down until I know more
PID Tuned Hot end, and BED
Linear Advance Enabled
S Curve Enabled
ARC support enabled
Geetech LCD
SD Card
Serial buffer tuned size expanded to 32 commands with smaller command size width of 45 <- seems to work fine with cura and simplify3d
Custom Accelerations that I like - you need to change these
New default feedrates - you need to change these
Custom Steps per MM on several axis based on what Ive seen on my single M2 machine ive tested on.