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S3D 2.1 Profile Adjustments

Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 8:30 pm
by jsc
When you export a profile as an FFF, you lose the materials/speed quick configuration buttons, and it just saves your current exact settings. If you want to avoid having to export the full matrix of materials/speeds into a separate FFF, barsam on the Simplify3D forum has discovered a hack you can use to retain those autoconfigure settings for your own use: ... 3127#p3127

Export the default MakerGear M2 (v-whatever) without modification to an FFF file. Open it up with a text editor and edit all the settings in there. You will see several autoConfigureMaterial and autoConfigureQuality sections at the end, with the materlal and quality that you actually exported being empty (for example, the sections for PLA and Medium will be empty if that is the settings that was chosen when you exported). Fill those back in by copying and editing another non-empty section's contents into there. Also edit the rest of the settings to your liking. When you import this FFF, you will be able to use the quick setting buttons at the top to change material and speed settings using just one profile.