Octoprint and z stop adjustment rev e

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Octoprint and z stop adjustment rev e

Post by Umburry » Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:20 pm

I don't plan on connecting a PC to my printer. I can for an initial set up but need to be able to run it from a raspberryPi. Is it possible to adjust my z axis stop from the octoprint interface for the rev E machines?

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Re: Octoprint and z stop adjustment rev e

Post by Slipshine » Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:54 pm

A quote from an older forum.

sthone wrote:
Yes the Pi connects via the USB cable. You then can control the printer using Octopi from any computer, table, or phone that is connected to your network. The interface is pretty easy to use.

On REV E. Machines..... If you just need to adjust your z height you can always do it through the command line. (You should be able to do it through Octoprint although I've only done it through S3D this way.)

Use M501 to read the EEPROM parameters,
Look for M206. (it should look something like M206 X0.0 Y0.0 Z-6.0)
You can then adjust it using M206 Z[new value]
and then M500 to save it to the firmware.

This is much easier if you just want to change the height a bit with out having to run the program and use feeler gauges. (this is not for initial setup though.)

This is exactly what I do, and things are so much easier now a day. Octopi is incredibly awesome.

Some additional info on the M206 command.

1) In all my experience the Z value has always been a positive #.
2) Increasing the number will bring the table closer to the nozzle. Decrease the number will obviously increase the distance between the table and nozzle.
3) I normally run a test square, measure it, determine the difference from expected, and then I can add/subtract from the Z value that M501 shows, and it should be real close to perfect.

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