Splitting & Exporting a Model in Pieces

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Splitting & Exporting a Model in Pieces

Post by w22 » Sun Oct 16, 2016 9:43 pm

I'm having a hard time attempting to split a model, say a vase, into three pieces, and export each piece as a .stl file with Meshmixer. I can split the vase into three parts no problem! But from there all I can do is save them as a, "Stamp", or MeshMixer piece but when I go to export, even with one piece highlighted, it exports the whole thing. There's no, "Export Selection", option.

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Re: Splitting & Exporting a Model in Pieces

Post by ajmadison » Thu Dec 01, 2016 5:45 pm

You'll have to "remove" the extra components, and export out one sub-section at a time. I've been, cough, frustrated, with Autodesk's free tools, so I always work from, or save a master file with all sub-assemblies in it, then manipulate the mesh/es until I have the one part of interest on screen. I export that one part. Then close out, and re-open the master file, rinse, repeat.

To remove an object from the screen, under the View tab, there is "Show Objects Browser". In the Object Browser, highlight the object you don't want, then click the trash can.

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