S3D Startup Script w/ Prime Line

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S3D Startup Script w/ Prime Line

Postby BBID » Sun Jun 04, 2017 4:56 am

Hi all!

I'm looking for an updated S3D startup script for my Makergear M2 Rev. E (Single Extruder). The stock S3D start script (M2, 24V, V4 Hotend) extrudes too little off the edge of the bed and and enters the bed in the middle of the right edge. What I'm looking for is a start script that primes from the front left or right corner of the bed and slowly extrudes a single line to the opposite corner before beginning the print. Does anyone have a start script that does this?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: S3D Startup Script w/ Prime Line

Postby sthone » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:25 pm

You know you can just use a single line skirt and it should perform pretty much the same results (purging the nozzle) your looking for.

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