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Re: Extruder calibration and fill problem

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:38 pm
by airscapes
Your starting hight is still off by .06 too high Should measure 2.0 +- .02 I like mine to be 1.98 > 2.01. Of course assuming accurate caliper.
What printer is this anyway?
What slicer
What Filament and have you pulled out a couple or yards and measured the diameter in multiple places to make sure it is consistant?
If MakerGear PLA BLACK I needed to print that at 225C if I recall. You also need to print a bit slower than default if using S3D if you are not.. Most things that are not big wide flat items I print below 60MM per Second Lots of thing I keep around 35mms.
MG Black PLA really kind of Sucks.. the White was nice, but I had similar isssue with black when I first stated.
I have some of the original roll and a replacement they sent me which I won't use for anything good. Moved on the eSun filament and tried some MakerGeek. The roll of MakerGeek PLA ended up having and average diameter of 1.73 which once set prints nicely. However I had similar issues with getting things dialed in as it would be good 1.75 thick when I print a square but then 2 ft later be 1.68mm and under extrude. They did end up sending me another roll so it will be interesting to see how that one is

A trick to remove PLA from the bed in a hurry when it is done is to take canned air, turn it upside down so the refrigerant comes out as a liquid and hit the base of your part to freeze it.. It will shrink and lift right off.. gets expensive if you are printing a lot of stuff.. but works really well with PLA


Re: Extruder calibration and fill problem

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:56 pm
by pandelume
Hi airscapes,

I just rechecked my numbers and I fat fingered this in the previous post. I'm getting .079" which converts to 2.006mm

The printer is a Makergear M2 shipped circa 2012 with extensive upgrades bringing it up to a M2 Rev E. I also use a 1/4" MIC6 plate with PEI surface and a inductive probe with grid leveling. I'm running the Makergear Rev E firmware with that feature enabled.


Software is simplify3d 4.0.1, filament is esun black PETG. I have checked the filament repeatedly and it seems consistent at 1.78mm. If you have any other questions please let me know - I'm happy to answer.

Interesting suggestion with the canned air - I might give it a try. So far I've been able to get everything off by carefully using a razor blade as a scraper when necessary.


Re: Extruder calibration and fill problem

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:49 pm
by airscapes
I know I posted it for someone playing with PETG.. Did I give you a link to a factory file with a model for an item I print in eSun PETG on my M2? This would give you all of my setting and the model.. if filament diameter is correct it should print perfectly.. assuming .35 nozzle is installed
I would delete all but one model to test. ... ap.factory

Load that into S3d and see what happens when you print it.
File > open factory file

Re: Extruder calibration and fill problem

Posted: Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:58 pm
by pandelume
Thanks very much for that - I'll give it a try at my first opportunity and report the results.