Printing on Transparent Laserprinter Film

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Printing on Transparent Laserprinter Film

Post by msonst » Sat Nov 12, 2016 7:02 am


I thought I just share my latest experiment with you :-)

As I ran out of Kapton Tape I tried laserprinter transparent color film cut to the size of the platform with bed temp 70°C extruder 215°C.
The film has been cleaned after attaching with 91% isoprophyl alcohol.

For a first test the sheet was not glued to the glas platform.
Could be done with water, glue mixture, pure water (probably) or hairspray I guess.

The test Object was a 10x10x10 cube on a Makergear M2 Rev E.
Filament: Makergear PLA

Here are the results:
Glas platform can stay in place after print and film is detached.

The film can be bended while the cube stays in place (r~1cm):
After bending further than, that the cube came off easily:
Bottom surface quality was ok (smoother than my Kapton prints):
View from below after bending:
According to some posts online the max temp for monochrome laser film is 190°C, this is why I used color film (220°C).

Quite interesting from my perspective is:
  • Builds can be easily taken off the printer
  • Print sticks very well
  • Possibly the ability to bend the surface afterwards can be used somehow to e.g. print on film and attach to car glas or windows.
Unfortunately I don't have ABS here. It would definately be interesting whether it sticks or not ;-)

Have a great weekend

Edit: I double-posted this topic accidently. I appologize and delete the other.
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Re: Printing on Transparent Laserprinter Film

Post by msonst » Mon Apr 04, 2022 12:25 pm

It looks like I should have written a patent and continue experimenting.
While looking at upgrades to my M2 I saw that there are everywhere nowadays....magnetic though :-)

Is there any brand recommendation most of you are using?

Thanks Michael
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