Taulman PCTPE bed adhesion

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Taulman PCTPE bed adhesion

Post by rybrentd » Fri Dec 02, 2016 4:29 am

I have nailed down bed adhesion for PLA, ABS, PETT, PETG, and nylon but bigger prints in PCTPE still elude me as they eventually warp off the bed. 3M Blue painters tape works for smaller parts (70°C bed), and PVA glue works better (40°C - 45°C bed) but will eventually warp. I used 2 layers of PVA glue brushed on with water and allowed to dry thoroughly, which works great for nylon 910 but not this stuff. I ordered some 3 mil PEI sheet and 3M backing tape to try out later next week but was wondering if anyone has had any success taming this beast? I have attached the print I am trying to complete (100% infill, .50 mm nozzle with .60 mm extrusion width calibrated, z-offset calibrated to .20 mm).
Football Helmet4.stl
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Re: Taulman PCTPE bed adhesion

Post by ednisley » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:55 pm

rybrentd wrote:the print I am trying to complete
That looks specifically designed for un-print-ablity: a huge (and, at 100% infill, solid) fin angled away from a narrow footprint. All the forces from that fin want to rip the contact patch off the platform.

A stiff brim around the bottom might help, but, if the inside isn't the critical surface, rotate it about 135⁰ to put the concave side down and fill it with support.

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