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Re: storing PLA

Post by jferguson » Sat Dec 16, 2017 4:42 pm

I went to home depot where one goes to get something to use for a purpose for which it was not intended. This time, when i asked where the lids were for the buckets, the guy (who must have reocgnized me from all my pvc pipe purchases - also intended for other uses) asked, "What are you going to use it for?"

I asked him. "Why do you ask?" I told him.

"We have a new lid which has a screw-in cover. Both frame and lid are gasketed so you ought to be able to get an air-tight container out of this."

If you are sharper than I was, You'll buy dessicant in the little bags rather than a canister like I did. If you do the bags you'll have plenty of room for 5 one kilo spools. With the canister, there is only room for three.


So the pregnant question is what should the humidity be? I've searched the internet high and low and no-one seems to have derived a 'safe' number. I made an Arudino Nano based humidity, temperature, and barometer which displays on a very small oled when the button is pushed. This was to settle a dispute about what the humidity in our living room is.

The same deisgn could be affixed to the top of the screw-in lid on the homedepot bucket. I suppose I should just do it and see what the results are, but it would have been nice to learn that the filaments will stay good forever so long as the humity is 20% or less.

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Re: storing PLA

Post by airscapes » Fri Mar 23, 2018 12:59 am

Drop the $60 for the presto dehydrator ... UTF8&psc=1. I
I was getting lots of strings with some white MG brand PLA and I dried the roll @ 140F over night and put it in a vacuum bag with large descant bag for storage .. When I used it later that night, not a string to be found..
This way you can fix it when it has been out to much.. no matter how it is stored, seem to pick up moisture when it is being used.. Once you have the dehydrator, you are set for life, and you can make jerky or dried fruit if you so desire! :)

BTW I want to try printing with ABS so I opened the roll of MG Black I bought when I purchased the M2 and have it in the dryer now running for 8 hours at 165F. Will bag it and it will be ready to go when I am ready to try it out.

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Re: storing PLA

Post by mathisyourfriend » Mon Apr 02, 2018 8:48 pm

I got that dehydrator and it does a nice job. No strings at all.
I had to remove the mesh on two trays to fit any of my spools. It also renews your reusable desiccant packs at the same time.
I still wouldn't try to "rehab" really brittle filament but this should make a difference with most filaments you may have.

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Re: storing PLA

Post by Low-Fer » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:56 pm

I struggled with how to handle / store my filament. Tried a number of different processes including using a small vacuum pump to evacuate the large ziplock type bags i purchased on-line. The vacuum pump was a hassle and it didn't take long for the seal to allow more air back in the bag.

2 plus years of experimentation resulted in the following recipe - its quick and easy.

Large zip lock bags 12 X 15 - 4 mil (I tried 6 mil and it was too stiff to work with - no good seal) found on ebay - ... SwnDZT6YjH

Bag of #33 rubber bands ... UTF8&psc=1

Desiccant I like the color changing - you can tell when it's time to recharge the pak ... UTF8&psc=1

Easy Peasy - drop a few Desiccants in the bag, drop in your spool of filament - zip it almost closed leaving a small opening - kind of center the spool in the bag - grab a rubber band place it around the bag and work out the air - place another rubber band around it on the other side of the opening you didn't close yet (you'll see what i mean once you try it) - close your zipper opening and place it in storage. - your done!

With filament that has been out a long time i bought a dehydrator and opened up a couple of the trays big enough for a spool, and i dry it out that way. - always works pretty well..

Happy Trails - Lowell
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Re: storing PLA

Post by macmccaskie » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:42 pm

Another tip, get the large pet food container from pet stores(petsmart). The kind with a gasket in the top lid. Throw in 1 cup or more of standard desiccant beads in the bottom. It will hold 8 full makergear spools. They are not perfectly airtight, but good enough.

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