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DOA RAMBo? new M2 kit, can't connect

Posted: Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:37 pm
by austindavid
Hi! I've filed a support ticket, but it's Saturday and I kinda want this working while I have time to spend on it.

The kit is great and went together in a few hours, as expected. There wasn't nearly as much assembly as I anticipated. The wiring harnesses having been made up already, it's pretty straightforward to assemble. I think the hardest part was routing the cables nicely.

Having gotten all that together, I moved on to the Quick Start App (which was hard to find; the URLs in the assembly guide don't work)... and I can't connect.

I've tested, not in this order:
- 2 different Mac laptops (same failure modes on both)
- USB cable on an Arduino (the cable is fine)
- power supply seems to work (generates 24v on all 3 lines)
- RAMBo has no active LEDs when power is applied
- no fans kick in, no locking of motors, no motion of any kind, no sign of life
- all 3 fuses are fine; I pulled the 15A and tested + inspected, the other two I was able to test in place on the board
- in an arduino serial monitor I can't get anything from the RAMBo, I've tried several common speeds (9600 & 115200, plus a few on the high end)
- reseating power, reseating SD, etc

Is this a DOA RAMBo? I don't want to do any invasive testing before I talk to support, but I think it'll be 2 days before support comes online, and I worry that it'll be another week if they decide it's a dead board. :(

Any other ideas for what to test, or how to confirm whether it's working (e.g. I have 2 bad computer setups) or failed?

Re: DOA RAMBo? new M2 kit, can't connect

Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 2:40 am
by insta
Did you ever get this resolved? It sounds like the little microfuses might have blown on the RAMBo, or the buck regulator to generate the 5v was bad. Support should get you sorted quickly.