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Post by Jules » Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:46 pm

I know a couple of you guys who do printing jobs for others probably already heard about this, but I figured I'd post this for those who might not have gotten on the mailing list.

It might save you a few bucks if you use a lot of eSun filament in your print jobs, and looks like a good way to get the word out about your printing services.

INTSERVO has partnered with to run promotions. Right now, by simply signup on (which is totally free), you automatically get 25% off eSUN filaments coupon.

XYZFABS.COM is a new website we want to see it success. It is a free website designed to help 3d printing and related services globally. We will regularly run promotions on for new and existing users there and actively participate in xyzfabs forum discussion for eSUN filaments. We will also publish new materials and also invite trial participants in forum.

Signup on, get a 25% off code automatically. We will even give 30% off code to you if you help on any one of below:

1. Register your Fab there. If you list your service on 3dhubs, makerxyz or the like, it is natural for you to list on It is free. After you register your account there, you can send an email to to enable your Fab listing privilege. We will assign a 30% code to you.


2. Share this great news to your social media, such as share or comment on reddit about this promotion, or share this news on your facebook or twitter, or share on 3d forums/groups you participate. We appreciate your help on letting other people know the promotion and the new website. And we will assign a 30% code to you. Just email to about your help. Thank you first!

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